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Libya Build 2009 Report in correspondence with EMEX Show 2009

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Event: The 2nd Electrical and Mechanical Exhibition  
Event Title: EMEX Show 2009
Show Date: 18th-21st May, 2009 
Venue: Tripoli International Fairground, Tripoli-Libya
Supported by: The General Board of Fairs 
Sponsored by: Libyan Investment and Development Company 

Libya Build 2009 & EMEX Show 2009 was officially launched by:
  Dr. Baghdadi Al Mahmoudi: The Prime Minister
          Mohamed Haweij : Economy and Trade (Minister)
          Abdelhafidh Zlitni: The Secretary of Planning and Finance (Minister)
          Eng. Saeed Rashid: The Secretary of the Steering Committee of the Libyan Railway Executive
          Mr. Jomaa Al Ostta : The Secretary of the General Union of the Chambers of Commerce and
          Dr. Jamal El Lamoshi: The Secretary of the General Board of Fairs
          Mr. Samir El Werfali: The Chairman of the Libyan Contracting Union

Total Exhibitors: 541 Companies
             International Companies =389 Companies
             Local Companies = 152 Companies

Total net space area: 13,891 square meter
             Indoor space area = 9137 square meter
             Outdoor space area = 4,754 square meter

Total Visitors = 15,
             Number of Foreign visitors = 4,112
             Number of Local visitors =11,672

Press Release:
        Al-Fajer Al-Jadeed Newspaper
        Mal & Aamal Newspaper
        Aswag Newspaper
        Al-shat Newspaper
        Al-Arab Newspaper (Published in London)
        Al-Shams Newspaper
        Oya Newspaper
        LibyanAdverts Newspaper
        Al-Jamahiriya Newspaper
        The Tripoli Post

Media Campaign:
        Libyan Jamahiriya Broadcasting Corporation
        Radio Great Jamahiriya
        Allibiya TV and ALLibiya FM
        Alshababiya FM


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